Bibody Platform


Immuno-therapy is an important trend for oncology treatment. There are two major ways of engaging the immune cells to the tumor cells: CAR-T and bispecific antibodies. By genetic engineering of the T cells through integrating the tumor antigens, the CAR-T cells can recognize specifically the tumor cells. However, there are some limitations on CAR-T application: hard to manufacture, risk of cytokine storm, so far only proven to be effective for blood tumors. Bispecific antibodies, such as the approved Blincyte, stability, immunogenecity, half-life and manufacturability are major issues.


Gmax has developed Bibody (Bi-specific T cells engaging antibody) platform to overcome the current problems facing by CAR-T and bispecific antibodies. The Bibody is a modular structure, designed to target two or more biological pathways simultaneously, and to engage T cells with tumor cells and then kill them. The Ag-recognizing Ab module can be genetically replaced with a new Ab for a new target. The molecule is stable, easy to manufacture, low immunogenicity. Several Bibodies for various cancer types, both blood and solid tumors, are under development.